Balance Breakers
A lite-Esports party game
Balance Breakers is a competitive action party game, designed to have clear watchability and fun interactions. Friends and family can easily learn the game, enjoy the fun to watch and play together.
3 Simple Rules
Collect Treasures

Treasures and coins are flying around.

Collect most treasures to win.

Kick off enemies

Kick off enemies with unique abilities.

Select your Breaker and get into the fight!

Flash Challenges

Mini-games are coming like a flash.

Win the challenges to take the lead!


Balance Breakers: Prelude


Take a look of how did our cute duo join the team of Balance Breakers!

Strategy? Being miserable in your life and fight your way through all the odds!


Choose your breaker

Choose your breakers in the arena, which have unique abilities and mechanics that work at different situations!

More breakers will join the battle!

We believe games and works can
connect and share ideas within people.
Gamestry Lab

Gamestry Lab is established in 2017, focusing on creating impressive games, animations and IP related products. As a game and entertainment startup company, we have been trained in Taiwan DIT startup 3rd selection and currently selected in Hong Kong Cyberport incubation program.


Aim to provide impressive gameplays, high quality games are produced by passionate developers.


By design and execution of Interactive installations, we create unique experiences for different situations.


2D / 3D animations are also one of our strength to support story-telling and media promotion.


Original and specialised solutions are designed for desire fulfilment and problem solving.

WE are recruiting
Creators wanted

If you are a passionate artist or programmer willing to join our team,

please send us your CV and portfolio to GamestryLab@gmail.com

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Unity Artist
3D Artist
2D designer
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Balance Breakers

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